What Attorneys are saying?

"I had a client, he used yahoo email for years but then switched internet providers. He also changed jobs. All his prior emails were gone because he didn’t own them. Using PrivyCounsel solves the problem with the transiency of email."

"As a litigation attorney, I was concerned that the opposition in a case I was handling would try to hack me and my client's email. PrivyCounsel is the perfect answer."

"I recently did an estate plan for a Chinese family. They’re U.S. citizens but travel to China frequently and for prolonged periods of time. Through the mobility and security of PrivyCounsel, we were able to complete their estate plan without delay or interruption without compromising their privacy."

"PrivyCounsel is the perfect environment to transition our law office to the digital age. It not only provides the security we’ve lacked for years, it provides immediate access to client information, while improving efficiency and building a deeper client relationship."

"I am able to securely access a record of client communications, internal office notes and files remotely on my mobile device."

"I am in the process of opening up an office in another state. It will be staffed by an associate of mine. We will need constant communication and document collaboration in order for this new venture to work properly. I would not contemplate this venture without PrivyCounsel portal as our platform for secure, real time communication."

"We usually send out documents to clients via email. Consistently, we receive complaints that they hadn't received their documents. When we check it out, we discover their documents go into their spam email. The client was upset thinking we didn't send their documents. We don't have this problem with Privy."

"We keep pretty busy in our office. With our staff, client files are handled by several people. Even with a good file management or check in/check out system, files get misplaced. We sometimes spend hours, in fact, all work grinds to a halt while we track down a client file on occasion. With PrivyCounsel search all client matters are accessible in one place."

"My clients feel their information is safe and secure and they are comfortable communicating more openly."

What Attorney staff are saying?

"PrivyCounsel portal allows us to keep a permanent record of communications between staff and clients. There is no more, he said, she said."

"PrivyCounsel prevents misunderstandings with transparent communication that holds everyone accountable on the client portal. If a complaint or disagreement is received we just share the "date stamp communication" on the client portal to refresh their memory."

"PrivyCounsel provides an efficient and effective way of securely communicating with clients."

What Clients are saying?

"PrivyCounsel provides the security we thought we had for years. It eliminates the use of employer email and changing email accounts. No more misaddressed emails or mixed with spam. No more worries of losing or getting locked out of my work email."

"We love the direct line of communication to the attorney and our documents on our portal."

"I stopped using work email and only use my secure portal with my attorney."

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