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About Us

PrivyCounsel started with you.

As attorneys and paralegals, we know the importance of a good legal case management software and client portal. We also know how difficult it is to find the right software you can use within minutes that simplifies your law practice overall workflow and increases efficiency that results in significant time savings.

At PrivyCounsel we've been working since 2012 to create a unique software that provides the tools necessary to furnish a superior platform that will fulfill a law firm's needs. But don’t take our word alone. Our testimonials glow about the unique advantage our portal has. No matter what industry someone is in, we all know how much better it is if your management operation software is made with care by people who use and understand your needs.

When you choose PrivyCounsel, you get the confidence knowing that your practice has the best resources that care for your clients.

  • Improve operational quality, responsiveness and trust with clients
  • Improve your compliance with the State Bar Professional standards
  • Improve your performance with real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you focus on what matters most to energize and grow your law practice

Why PrivyCounsel

  • Today’s clients want access to their information 24/7, regardless of where they are.

    Times are changing. New technological innovations are changing the face of the working world across all professions. Changing times mean changing expectations from customers and clients. Today’s clients want access to their information 24/7, regardless of where they are. They want to be involved in managing their affairs. They expect that and they get it from their banks through online banking. They expect that and they get it from their doctors through applications likeMyChart. Many large companies allow their employees to self-manage their retirement accounts and benefits through companies like Hewitt, as well. More and more law firms and freelance paralegals are adopting the new best practice ever day. Secure access is guaranteed on all these sites, so clients can peruse their confidential information, even on their smart phones with confidence.

    Where do your clients go to locate and update the status of their pending legal matters?

  • The fact is many attorneys and paralegals use email because of convenience.

    Email is great for keeping in touch with people, but it’s not a secure way to transact meaningful business. Would you trust your banking to email? No? Then you probably shouldn’t trust legal matters to it either. Legally, personal email and its privacy belong to the service providers. Business email and its privacy belong to employers. Email is vulnerable to attacks and can be used to transmit viruses and worms. Conducting legal business via email is like performing surgery in an operating room that is not sterile. It’s also possible that email might not ever reach the client. Email addresses are unforgiving and easily misspelled. They can quickly become obsolete when someone changes jobs or internet service providers and unlike snail mail, there is no simple way to forward to a new address. Email messages could end up in a spam folder and the sender might never know it.
  • Fortunately, there is another option: PrivyCounsel secure web portal.

    PrivyCounsel is a secure web portal to allow live access to privileged information to both attorney and client. Its secure web architecture is perfect for folks on the go, allowing both the attorney and client secure live access to the most recent documents, continuously updated, on any pending matter from any location with web access. There is no hardware or software to buy and install. PrivyCounsel is a secure online service.

    Clients will appreciate the convenience of real-time access and the inherent transparency will help engender trust.

    The software, which has been developed with the active input of numerous attorneys, is so easy to set up; you can invite clients to log in five minutes after launching the program. A customized version, which is fully integrated with the look and feel of your existing website is also available.

    Estate attorneys, litigators, divorce attorneys, patent attorneys, any kind of attorneys--get with the program. Your clients will thank you.

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Features / Pricing

Starting at

$25/month Start Your Free Trial

Intuitive & Easy to Use

  • Designed to help you be more productive
  • Setup your virtual law office in minutes
  • Customize your branded law firm web portal
  • Practice from anywhere, on any device with a browser
  • No setup fees and pay as you go

Security & Encryption

  • Secure web portal login for clients and staff
  • Data and document encryption
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Alert logic threat management™
  • Intrusion Detection Device (IDS)

Integrated Case/Matter Management

  • Law firm dashboard with Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  • Unified client communication and case managment
  • Integration with contract attorneys and affiliates
  • Real time notifications and feedback

Data Management Storage Backups

  • Unlimited document storage
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Automatic daily backups

Reporting & Performance Tracking

  • Real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  • KPIs to help you focus on what matter most
  • Prebuilt reports

Time & Expense Management

  • Budgeting and Time & Expense tracking
  • Billing and accounts receivable
  • Export to accounting software
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